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Yamanashi Province Japan

Photos and texts by Pedro Gomes All Rights Reserved/

Japanese version by Nana

Every year after an extended stay in Hawaii, I like to go for long driving in Japan. Never mind, for how many years I have been living here, the seascape, the architecture, the culture, and nature still fascinating me like the first day I got in Japan.

Traditional Japanese light fixture

This time I drove to Yamanashi prefecture, more preciously to Arakurayama Sengen Park, in the mountainside of Japan during the Sakura season. It’s not the first time I do it, I have been trying to get a good photo in that area for a very long time, but it had never happened before; it was always raining or cloudy when I got there.

Sakura season in Japan

Luckily my last approach was successful and I could score not just a good photo of Fuji mountain and the temple but also another photo of Sakura followers around that area. The photos I took there weren’t used in any of my work but it’s the kind of photos I keep as a trophy in my archives.

Chiba Japan

I also explored the ocean side of Japan earlier this year, in the province where I currently live Chiba in the Kanto area. I could see the Japanese people keeping alive the culture of picking the seaweed in a very traditional way what made me travel to the past when watching it. The photos were taken in the Katsura area, 1 hour driving to the south from the place where I live right now, and one of my favorite coastlines in Japan.

Mountain and Ocean

Never mind If it’s the countryside or ocean side, the Japanese culture fascinating me from the first time I got to Japan and it still does. In this post, I share some photos showing some very traditional Japanese locations and activities, that portray Japan very well, for people can feel all the strength and beauty of this beautiful country.

Chiba Japan


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