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Eco-Friendly Sneakers Cariuma

Jeffrey Cheney and Grace Ehlen in Tokyo

Photos and texts by Pedro Gomes All Rights Reserved/Japanese version by Nana

In a world where global warming and ecological problems are a threat to the human race, all action by people, companies, and governments to protect nature and its ecosystems is commendable. In this context, I would like to introduce the shoe brand Cariuma, which I came to know during a job in Hawaii. But once knowing more about the company, I ended up becoming a customer and admirer of the brand.

Cariuma has its origins in Brazil but has conquered the world with its sneakers sold worldwide through its website. Cariuma commitment to help in the reforestation of the rainforest in Brazil with the campaign of each pair of sneakers sold to plant 2 trees in areas of deforestation is an attitude of great importance for the forest as well as a great awareness campaign for the public. In addition to this initiative, it is also worth mentioning that the entire production chain of the brand is based on minimally harming the environment, using natural raw materials and sustainable extraction such as organic cotton, bamboo, natural rubber among others.

Together with my friends Jeffrey Cheney, Grace Ehlen, and my partner Nana we tested some models of Cariuma sneakers in the city in Tokyo and in the countryside of Japan. In both scenarios, the design and comfort of the Cariuma sneakers were beyond expectations. Whether on a skateboard ride, having to be sturdy and anatomical, or walking in the countryside, the performance of the sneakers was very good and the best of all is that buying a pair of Cariuma sneakers, besides purchasing a high-quality product, you help to preserve the environment. To learn more about the brand and its shoes, visit their website at

Cariuma Sneakers

Cariuma in Tokyo

Jeffrey Cheney and Grace Ehlen


Cariuma in Japan

Fuji Mountain Japan

Cariuma in Japan

Exploring Japan with Cariuma / Photo by Nana


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