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Hawaii Season is ON

Updated: May 27, 2021

Hawaii Season 2020/2021

Photos and Text by Pedro Gomes All Rights Reserved/ Japanese version by Nana

So here I am back in Hawaii for one more surf season, it could be just one more season like the other ones but it’s not. The pandemic scenario made several changes in everybody’s daily life around the world and in Hawaii, it’s no different. Another aspect is very personal, but also important to me; exactly this season I celebrate my 10th season in Hawaii shooting professionally.

I learned a lot in Hawaii about surf photography, these 10 years have been the best school I could have to achieve my goals in my professional surf photographer carrier and I am so grateful for being here this season again. My goal this season is to portrait Hawaii in the best way I can, waves, surfers, the lifestyle, and the people who make these Islands such a unique place. For the ones who couldn’t come this season, I wanna bring Hawaii to your house in photos and videos that makes you feel you are here. So if you love Hawaii as I do, come together with me in this journey, and let’s feel Paradise together, Aloha.

Feel Paradise


Hawaii Season is On


Feel Paradise

私は、ハワイでサーフフォトグラファーについて多くのことを学びました。ハワイは10年間のプロのサーフフォトグラファーのキャリアで、目標を達成するために最高の学校です。今シーズンもここに来れてとても感謝しています。 そんな今シーズンの私の目標は、ハワイの波、サーファー、ライフスタイル、そしてこの島にいる素敵な人々などの良い魅力をお伝えすることです。今シーズン来られなかった方のために、写真やビデオであなたをハワイに連れて行きたいと思います。



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