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Pipeline On The Go

Updated: May 26, 2021

Pipeline North Shore Oahu Hawaii

Photos and Text by Pedro Gomes/ALL Rights Reserved

Translation by Natsuki Yoshida

This season I turned 10 years in a row shooting at Pipeline, I have to confess that I never could guess I was going to keep doing this for so long. Time goes fast, and when I realized it passed a decade of dedication on shooting Pipe, and I have no idea for how long more I am gonna keep doing it, but I know how rewarding it is, so it makes me feel I wanna keep shooting Pipe for few more years. In the beginning, it was just a way I found to improve my water photography skills and get some recognition as a surf photographer, It ended up being much harder than I could imagine but at the same time for my surf photographer carrier, was worth keep doing it and not giving up even with the adversities I had to face in this journey, what include few injuries and a lot of swimming.

Ivan Florence

The season 2020/2021 was one of the best I've ever seen if not the best one. I don't make this affirmation based on the size of the waves but on the consistency and the quality of the waves. Of course, we had some days of Pipeline breaking big as it can get from the 3rd reef, but what was different about this season was the number of good waves day, breaking all the records that I have witnessed so far.

John John Florence

If November was kind of slow, in December I lost count of how many good days we had. It was all going so well and on time, after the Pipe Masters on the 20th of December, I had enough good Pipeline photos for the season featuring all the main Pipeline surfers Like Eala Stewart, Jamie O'Brien, Mark Healy, Kalani Chapman among others, and some of the stars like John John Florence, Gabriel Medina, Italo Ferreira, Kelly Salter and more.

Pipeline from the sky

Things started to stand out from Christmas eve when the north Pacific got several storms generating a No stop 3 weeks of swell, that started in Christmas and just ended in the middle of January with the biggest Jaws of the decade. In this post, I share some of the highlights photos of Pipeline this season, where I tried to show Pipe from different angles, light, and situations as possible. After 10 years of photographing Pipeline, I think this was my best season so far as a surf photographer.

Jamie O'Brien

The gear I used this year was also an important part to achieve the results that I wanted. The Nikon Mirrorless camera Z7 performed just great with the Z-mount lenses but also with the F-mount ones using an adapter for that. SPL water housing is being my choice since my very first trip to Hawaii and it never let me down and this year it wasn't different, enduring all kinds of waves without any problem. The wetsuit I used this season was a Patagonia 2mm spring suit that keeps me warm enough during long hours in the water with impressive flexibility that makes me feel like wearing a swimsuit and kicking strong with my trusted Viper Fins.

Balaram Stack

Some things in life never get old, and Pipeline is one of those. No matter how many surf spots there are in the world, how many new waves are discovered or made, Pipeline is still the greatest show on earth.



Pipeline On The Go

Pipeline North Shore Oahu Hawaii


Eala Stewart


Kelly Slater


Gabriel Medina


John John Florence


Kalani Chapman


The Majesty Pipeline


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