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Shida On The Go - Video

Updated: May 26, 2021

Movie by Pedro Gomes

During the summer in Chiba, I took some videos at Shidashita beach, capturing some good moments of the local and professional surfers. In this video, I just put all these clips together and made this short movie without any pretensions, featuring all surfers who passed in front of my camera. I hope you have fun watching in the same way I had fun editing it.

To see the post at Surfline click the link bellow

今年の夏、志田下でいい波の日に自由に私のカメラで撮影をしていたところ、地元のサーファーやプロのサーファーの良い瞬間を捉えました。 撮影した全てのクリップをまとめてシンプルに編集し、ショートムービーにしました。



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