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Sustainability for a better world

Updated: May 26, 2021

Mohala Farms Oahu Hawaii

Photos and introduction text by Pedro Gomes/All Rights Reserved

Translation by Natsuki Yoshida

Consuming organic and natural products that do not harm the environment has always been an intelligent and correct attitude to take, however with the current moment of the world that suffers from global warming and more recently suffers also from the Covid-19 pandemic, the preservation of the environment, as well as the simple life surrounded by nature, never had its benefits exposed in a so obvious way as before.

Thinking about it, I voluntarily decided to approach the subject in this blog, giving whenever is possible a highlight for people, companies, entities, and rural products that value sustainability and preservation of the environment. The blog that has its origin and the main reason for existing to address surf photos, videos and oceanic images as the main theme will continue to do so, but as I believe that the world and nature are one, it is all connected, so I will also address different topics and talk about nature environmental awareness, sustainability and other relevant themes to build a better world.

Mohala Farms workers

The first post on the topic of sustainability and agriculture comes from Hawaii, more precisely from the North Shore of Oahu, where I spend a good part of the winter and where the year always ends and begins for me. This winter I had the opportunity to visit the Mohala farm in Waialua, where there is a good example of sustainable agriculture with cooperative and social work.

Mohala Farms is a 6-acre organic farm and non-profit organization located in Waialua on the North Shore of O’ahu. Since 2005, they have been building the farm’s infrastructure and revitalizing the soil, bringing the land back to a state of healthy productivity and abundance.

Organic production

In 2009, commercial sales of the farm’s organic produce kicked off with steady increases in their supply of products and the number of customers and accounts growing each year. As a non-profit organization, they complement their work as farmers with a broader mission of having the farm be a place of learning, inspiration, renewal, advocacy, and community service.

As an organic and sustainable farm, their work is based on a continual regeneration of the soil and creating a farm ecosystem that is thriving with biological diversity. This is being done through cover crops, large-scale composting, crop rotations, worm bins, natural and organic pest repellants, beekeeping, and a continual exploration for the most adaptable, disease-resistant variety of food crops to grow.

Sustainable agriculture also focuses on the triple bottom line – on the social, environmental, and financial. Their goal is to meet all three of these components. This involves the farm contributing to a thriving local economy, increasing the health and vitality of their land, and becoming financially self-sustaining while providing their workers with a fulfilling livelihood and a living wage. *(All information about the Mohala farm was obtained through their official website, to learn more about all the work they do, visit their official website at the link below.)

Visitors Cynthia and Tobi at Mohala Farms


Sustainability for a better world

Mohala Farms Founder Mark Hamamoto




Mohala Farms





Mohala Farms Cover Crops





Mohala Farms Waialua Oahu Hawaii


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